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Seeking 20 bands to be
part of our special Vinyl, CD & Cassette
Compilation Album

We are looking for excellent new music from emerging Rock, Punk, Indie, Lo-Fi bands who have a passionate, positive & proactive approach.  If this is you & you would like to get involved... Please read on...

We are planning to create a special Double Album, CD & Cassette release of brand new music in support of two amaZyNg & vital charities;
War Child & Shelter

100% of profits will be donated to War Child UK, charity no. 1071659 and Shelter, charity no. 263710

War Child Logo

War Child

War Child is a non-governmental organisation founded in the UK in 1993 which provides assistance to children in areas experiencing conflict and the aftermath of conflict.

Their aim is to reach children as early as possible when conflict breaks out, and stay to support them through their recovery – helping to keep them safe, give them an education, and equip them with skills for the future.

Registered Charity Number: 1071659

For more info visit

Shelter Logo


Shelter is a registered charity that campaigns to end homelessness and bad housing in England and Scotland.

It gives advice, information and advocacy to people in need, and tackles the root causes of bad housing by lobbying government and local authorities for new laws and policies to improve the lives of homeless and badly housed people. It works in partnership with Shelter Cymru in Wales and the Housing Rights Service in Northern Ireland.

Registered Charity Number: England & Wales 263710 & Scotland SC002327

For more info visit

What We Need

To cover the manufacturing costs & staging of the project, we will be relying on donations via Crowdfunding from generous music lovers & supporters of good causes around the world.  We are particularly looking for bands who are pro-active, supportive & co-operative of this approach & who can help make this project a huge success to help raise funds for two highly deserving charities.

We won't be asking for financial investment from yourselves but, as a band, you would need to agree to provide; 1 new, original & previously unreleased track (ready mixed & mastered), a minimum of 1 reward / perk, that you can deliver for crowdfunding purposes.  Be able to provide full support of the project in the form of promotion & publicity to your fans, friends & social media channels.

The release will be launched at a special LIVE concert/s featuring a selection of bands involved with the album.  100% of all profits from the crowdfunding campaign, sales of Records, CD's, Cassettes, Digital Downloads, Voluntary Contributions & Concert Tickets will be donated to
War Child & Shelter. 


ZyNg tapes are a small independent cassette & record label based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Since May 2014, we have been promoting excellent new music from some of the finest & fresh emerging bands from around the World. The genres we promote are Rock, Indie, Punk, Lo-Fi.

Originally established as a cassette only label, ZyNg have now expanded, putting out music on Vinyl and CD too. We have worked with many fantastic bands & artists & there are currently 17 releases in the back catalogue including 3 full compilation albums. ZyNg also promote live music events from time to time.

See below for our previous releases


As well as the many rewards ZyNg will be offering for crowdfunding, we would hope that you would like to provide a unique perk / reward that we can also offer to help raise funds for the project.  This could be something simple like band merch / CD to something like a private house gig or other unique & creative idea.  There will be more information supplied to you about this when we finalise the band selections.

We will not be asking for financial investment from bands.  The project will only go ahead if we receive backing from donations via the Crowdfunding page.  The funding page will operate on an 'All Or Nothing' basis.  Apart from your donation of a track to include, we would need a bit of your time to fully support the project in the form of promotion & publicity to your friends, fans etc via word of mouth & your social meda channels / website. 

We are planning a special limited edition double vinyl record, CD & Cassette release comprising of 20 bands to help raise funds in support of the charities War Child & Shelter.  Before we launch the Crowdfunding campaign, we would like to get all 20 bands onboard.  We are looking for a good mix of bands & envisage this phase to take approximately 2 months so by March 2017 we will notify you (if not before)

Following this phase, we will then launch the Crowdfunding campaign.  It's important that the bands involved can help with promoting the crowdfunding campaign.  Only if this is successful can we produce the record for release which we hope we could start by July 2017. 

We are looking for a good mix of excellent original Rock, Indie, Punk, Lo-Fi bands to get involved who can fully support the entire project.  It is also important that your band are pro-active, have a positive attitude to fundraising.

Release Your Music With ZyNg Tapes

ZyNg tapes are currently looking for new & exciting music to promote & release on Limited Edition Cassette.  The genres we are looking for are Rock, Indie, Punk & Lo-Fi.  If you would like to get involved & work with ZyNg on upcoming projects, please fill out the form & We'll get back to you with all the info you need.